Sunday, June 25, 2017


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If you are interested in finding services for your son or daughter, a good place to start is with the Department of Mental Health - Division of Developmental Disabilities. Contact information for the Regional Offices is located on our website.

The Missouri First Steps program assists families of children with a developmental delay or disability from birth to three years by providing coordinated supports, resources, and early intervention services. Check out the First Steps program here or call 866-583-2392.

Missouri School Districts help children with a developmental delay or disability age three years and older. For more information look at their website here or call 573-751-4212.

Other programs such as Parents as Teachers, Child Care Aware of Missouri, and Head Start are also good resources of information.

Some resources for special education advocacy and services include Missouri Parents Act (MPACT), Missouri Protection & Advocacy, and Legal Services of Missouri.

If you are interested in speaking to other parents, consider contacting the ParentLink at 800-552-8522.

For a listing of mental health providers, go to the DMH site here.

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